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Fractals of rational dimension and fractals of integral powers

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    What generalizations can be made concerning fractals of nonzero rational dimensions M/N (where M and N are nonzero integers)?

    How does a fractal of non-integral dimension F compare geometrically to a fractal of dimension GF, where G is a nonzero integer?
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    In the first paragraph, I was concerned with a fractal space that could be raised to the integer Nth power to obtain a whole number dimensional space.

    Similarly, in the second paragraph, I wondered about the geometry of an "axis" of fractal dimension F extended to G axes to produce a GF fractal dimensional space, or moreso, comparing the geometry of int[GF] dimensional spaces of int[GF] axes for G=1, 2, 3... .
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    Believe the Serpinski gasket has a fractal dimension of exactly two.
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    no - triangle has a dimension of 1.58. Carpet has a dimension of 1.89.

    If its dimension was 2 it wouln't be a fractal.



    Can't help with the earlier Q.
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