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Freedom of Speech

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    I would like to discuss the "Freedom of Speech"..in this forum, my problem is that i have ben banned (temporarly) twice:

    a) Because i critizied my teachers and journal referees..

    b) Because critizying "Zidane" saying he wasn't French because his parents were from Algeria.

    Then where's freedom of speech?...if you are American (forum supporters and webmasters) how can you make critics about your country but don,t let people at the forum express their ideas and complaints?...
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    You don't think either of these violates the posting guidelines in any way?
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    There's no such thing as "freedom of speech" in a PRIVATELY-OWNED domain! You have no right to come into my home, for example, and spew everything that you wish. I have the right to tell you to shut up or get out. You have the right to do that on public property, but not in a private property.

    So before you start whinning about "freedom of speech", figure out if you want me to go into your home and say everything that I wish without regard to you or your family.

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    We aren't the US Congress, homie. We have the right to restrict what you say in any way we please, just so long as you're saying it on our server.
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    I believe nobody in this forum wishes to read your critics. You are free to speak, but speak smart. If you think your teachers are bad, change them, or change your attitude. Zidane is French just because he was born in France, or at least Algerian-French, if speaking. Really, please don't gossip about other people in a bad manner because you won't see in them anymore than you have in yourself. When you have positive attitude, then everyone arounds you turns good, or you'll have a reason for their ungoodness. :wink:
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    Out in public.
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    C'mon man, what possible good could come from comments like this ? How is this even remotely connected to soccer ?

    If you wanna be taken seriously and you don't wanna loose your integrety or credibility with respect to others, don't say stuff like this.

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    Some places have higher standards than others, if you think this place is tough, you have no idea, really, some places you'd get banned for thinking about posting a raccist or inflamatory remark, well not quite but it's close. I can honestly say I've never been banned from this forum, surprising as I regularly get banned from other forums I write on(I'm not proud of this though :smile:) That should be an indication that the mods aren't exactly being unreasonable in the cases of your comments, I think the mods are generally quite liberal IMO? And so raccism and or inflamatory comments don't go over too well I'd imagine, although it's not exactly PC central here.
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