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Frequency and period question?

  1. Apr 1, 2012 #1
    I was wondering that the annoying buzzing sound from a mosquito is produced when it flaps its wongs at an average rate of 600 flaps per second.
    a) what is the frequency of the sound waves?
    b) what is the period of these sound waves?
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    Frequency is the number of cycles (flaps) per second. Unit is Hz.
    Period is 1/frequency. Unit is s.
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    "All human beings with normal audition detect, the annoying for us, buzz produced by mosquitoes while flying. This sound is the by-product of their wing beat, and its fundamental frequency is in the range between 180 and 800 cycles per second (Hz), varying with species, sex, age and temperature."

    "There are variations in the values of the frequency at which mosquitoes beat their wings. Sources show this value ranging from 250 to 1000 Hz."

    For a .wav file you can listen to:
    http://www.acoustics.org/press/132nd/3pab10.html [Broken]
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    The frequency is = to the number of vib. per sec. so the f of the buzzing sound is 600 Hz
    and the period is 1/f =1/600

    Your welcome.
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