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Friction - exists in a vacuum?

  1. Jun 12, 2013 #1
    friction -- exists in a vacuum?

    Is it possible for friction to take place in a vaccum?
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    Sure. Kind of hard to walk on the moon without friction, eh? :smile:
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    With vacuum you actually take away only few ways of friction the main being that of air and a object moving through it.

    They had a plan to build special vacuum tunnels with high speed trains in them, train has very little friction as it is rolling on metal wheels on metal track , and if you remove the air you can increase the speed significantly.
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    Nuts and bolts still work on the outside of the space station.
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    Under certain conditions cold welding and/galling can occur as what this paper has concluded from the THE GALILEO HIGH GAIN ANTENNA DEPLOYMENT ANOMALY.

    http://trs-new.jpl.nasa.gov/dspace/bitstream/2014/32404/1/94-0141.pdf [Broken]

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