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FRW derivation history

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    Hello All,

    I wondered if anyone could fill in some details about the timeframe of FRW derivation.
    Was it derived to purposefully address the expansion of a universe? and if so, how did
    anyone know about this prior to Hubble's observations?
    Or was it derived for some other purpose and then applied after Hubble?
    I am keenly interested in this and would love to hear any information in this forum
    regarding the reasons for deriving this cosmological equation.


    edit. And was it derived using Newton before Einstein's gr or between gr and Hubble's observations?
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    Thank you Phinds, for your thoughts on the matter.

    When I am asked something, I tend to refrain from handing someone an encyclopedia
    and quipping 'go look it up'.

    It is such a relief that we can always turn to wikipedia for definitive discourse.

    Best regards
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    Folks who come here with questions are expected to have made at least some minimal attempt to do their own homework first, and it sounded as though had not done so.

    I refer you to:

    https://www.physicsforums.com/blog.php?b=3588 [Broken]
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