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Full-time work/school - CS

  1. Dec 18, 2012 #1
    Hi all,

    So I'm at the cusp of transferring to a UC and making a game attempt at a BS CS. I've spent the past couple of years working full-time hours (night shift) while taking 12-15 units at a CC. Naturally I'm assuming the rigor of upper division CS courses at the UC level compared to the lower division CS courses I've taken is analogous to Hulk Hogan vs. <insert randomized name of poor schmuck used for elbow drop practice>, and I guess I'm wondering which route to take as far as scheduling is concerned.

    I'm fortunate to be employed in a position that allows for a decent amount of on-the-clock study, and my immediate supervisors are actually encouraging in that regard. Because I work nights, class hour conflicts aren't an issue. I'm tentatively planning on taking 3 courses a quarter, though the option is there for 10 or less (part-time). What concerns me about the latter option is that 2 classes a quarter just seems insufficient, as my entire life consists of work, studying, appeasing the old lady, and that's about it. I'm just concerned that 3 upper division CS classes at a UC might simply be too time-consuming to handle. Anyone else been in a similar situation?

    FWIW, My overall GPA thus far at CC is hovering around a 3.6 (past apathy-induced C's in humanities courses), with my major GPA closer to a 3.8.
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    Consider other options, such as quitting your job and taking out Stafford loans so you can live for the next couple of years. You're in a major that makes you pretty employable, so taking on some debt shouldn't be too scary.

    I went to a UC and now teach at a community college in California. Yes, they are worlds apart. What worked for you at a CC will not work at a UC.
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