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Fun with Google QuickDraw

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    Now this is a fun way to burn a few minutes! Lots of laughs. Could be a fun party game. Also impressive in the end. You are tasked to draw an object and the Google AI guesses what it is.
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    Well, it ain't exactly Rembrandt :smile:, but I got 5/6... my "scorpion" failed, I drew a mutant instead... it was very fun to try!
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    It thinks my swimming pool is a piano, microwave, or cooler.
    Have not a clue how it identified my bear.

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    Man, how am I supposed to draw a knee??
    Lot's of fun, this one. :)

    These things kinda make me queasy when I stop and think that I'm probably helping create Skynet.
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    I don't know how I was supposed to draw a brain...

    Man was that fun though.
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    Much like Pictionary, Google doesn't seem to like it when you set the scene.
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