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Fundamental Frequencies of Noble Metals

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    I need to know the fundamental frequencies of the noble metals "silver, gold, platinum ... etc" .. thank you very much
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    Well, how have you gone about finding them? Is this a homework question?
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    And can you explain in more words what you mean by "fundamental frequencies"? I don't think I've ever seen that phrase used in connection with substances (gold, silver, etc.). The first things that come to my mind are vibrating strings and musical instruments.

    If English is not your native language, phrases that you're familiar with (in your native language) may seem strange to English-speakers when you translate them word for word.
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    i was asked by my boss to get him the fundamental freq. of the noble elements and my knowlendge is very limited and i never heard of the term .. so i thought i can can ask physics experts about it please help me
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    But if you are not familiar with these concepts then why did you not ask for more clarification to your boss ? Ask him what exactly he means.

    Anyways, i did not know this concept as well but i gues he is asking for some optical response function , etc etc ...

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