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Gas Concentration

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    I have a gas cylinder 99.999% CO2.

    I want to apply the CO2 to my sample at different concentration. e.g.) 50ppm, 100ppm, 1000ppm.

    How do I make these concentrations of CO2 from my gas cylinder??? Any practical advice would be truly appreciated.

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    Mixed with what? Those first two concentrations are lower than the concentration of CO2 in air...
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    thanks for replying.

    I dont know what to mix with.

    For example, if I wanted to make up a solution of a liquid or powder to low concentration I would just dissolve in deionized water of the correct amounts to give the desired conc.

    But for gases I am not sure.

    What gas to mix with? I dont know?

    To get 10ppm of CO2 how would this be done? Would you mix CO2 with argon? How can you control the amount you release?

    I cant find a procedure for this on the internet altough I would expect this would be common practise in some fields?

    Any ideas?
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