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General questions about Electric fields and how to manipulate/produce them.

  1. Nov 1, 2012 #1
    If my question is lacking something in terms of its validity, please let me know (I am not too seasoned in electric fields) :)

    Here is the source of my question: http://phys.org/news198350025.html

    Ok... The brain produces it own electric field, by firing neurons and the chemicals that produce activities in the brain (electrical).

    So, as the article suggests, a electric field can interfere with the brains electric field.

    I am trying to get a visual image of this. So, when the brain is doing something specific, and creating a certain electric field, is it possible to introduce a outside electric field that will interfere with the brains electric field?

    If I was to do some activity, and measure my brains electrical field with a EEG... Then do the same type of activity, but within a different outside electric field (like If I was in a parallel plate capacitor), is that possible?

    How does the outside electric field difference (like if I was inside a parallel plate cap), interfere with the brains electric field?
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    Simon Bridge

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    Electric fields from all sources add together to make the total electric field. Look up "superposition principle".
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    Ok great.

    You are saying that all electric fields add up to one electric force. Does that mean any outside electric field will be canceled out?

    Mainly, are you saying that when I introduce an outside electric force, it will both add up to one electric force, but that conversion to one electric field will alter the brains electric field?
  5. Nov 2, 2012 #4
    An electric field can certainly interfere with the human brain, if it's strong enough.

    :devil:If you stick your head in a microwave oven, you'll find it quite capable of affecting you.:devil:

    Errr...I assume of course you're not that stupid.
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    Simon Bridge

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    No. I am saying they all add up. This means that some will cancel and some will reinforce.
    No - the brains electric field combines with all the other fields to make the total electric field.
    However - outside fields could push charges around in the brain (as with anything) so the brain's electric field will be different from the case where there is no field.

    I take it you are interested in stuff like external electric fields affecting other stuff like thoughts, emotions and moods? That's a lot more complicated and afaik nobody has been able to do anything much in that line.
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