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Generating elctricity from earths magnetic field

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    Q: Is it possible to generate electricity by locating a coil at one of earths magnetic poles? By grounding to the earth a lead out to a load. Maybe earths rotation and the coil at some elevation just off the center of magnetic flux lines entering the earth. Would this cause flux lines to cross the coil?
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    no not really

    2 main reasons

    1) the Earth's magnetic field is relatively static, unless it comes under outside influence
    ie. coronal mass ejections etc from the sun
    2) the Earth's magnetic field is quite low in strength compared to any of the reasonable permanent magnets you can buy

    Large coronal mass ejections from the sun can cause quite large variences in the magnetic field and these can cause large currents to flow in long distance power transmission lines oil pipe lines etc.
    It was these large current flows that tripped out protection circuits across Canada and the NE USA during March 1989, after some of the largest solar flares and assoc. CME's ever recorded.

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