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Generator Sizing

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    Good day,

    I have been working on load testing for generator sizing of various premises and I used a power and energy logger to do the load testing.

    The results came out good, now that I got max apparent power in kVA and the max true power in kW.

    My question is how should I calculate the generator sizing and what parameters should I consider in the calculation as I have never done this before, please let me know your thoughts on it.

    Also what is the difference between the prime rating and standby rating for sizing the generator.
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    The generator itself must be sized according to kVA. It is the absolute current in the generator that heats up the coils in the generator, and could harm the generator by doing so.

    Say you have a diesel engine to produce the active power, it must be sized according to kW. The diesel engine cannot "sense" reactive power.

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