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Generator theory, would it work?

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    I've been doing some research on magnetism the past few days out of curiosity, and I had an idea, but I don't know enough to tell wether or not it might work, and i dont have the materials or money to get them to test it, but here goes.

    Basically my idea consists of something similar to a maglev train moving in a loop with a wire in the middle like a generator, could this produce more electricity then it would consume?
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    No. If it did, it would be a perpetual motion machine. You see, as the wire moves through the magnetic field, it experiences resistance (if it didn't, it wouldn't generate any electricity at all). To generate more electricity, you could increase the strength of the magnetic field, or the speed of the train. This however would increase the resistance on to the wire's progress. In turn, the wire needs more electrical energy to overcome this resistance. No matter how you tweek it, the energy required will be greater than the energy produced.
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