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Generator transformer of power plants

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    Regarding to physical size of national power systems, rate of power exchange and transmission lines capacity are increased by using of high voltage technology. Step up or generator transformers increase the produced voltage of power generators in great power plants. Therefore it seems the unique function of these transformers is the increasing of generator voltage equal to voltage of national grid.
    But as you know, in small and individual power systems (e.g. industrial power plant and related power distribution system) the generator transformers are used as the electromagnetic interface stage between generator and power distribution system. In this mentioned system the transmission and distribution voltage is medium voltage, therefore output of generator may be used directly in distribution system.

    How can you explain the essential function of generator transformer in small power systems?


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    You've obviously either put a lot of thought into that question, or someone gave it you for homework!

    If not, apologies.
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    Perhaps, it is not important my friend!

    One of important roles of transformers in power systems is matching of two different grounding systems. Because of prevention of high earth faults current, the generators grounding system is selected high impedance. But in medium voltage distribution system, the low impedance grounding system is preferred for control of over voltage phenomenon. Therefore application of matching transformer is necessary in most conditions. Of course reduction of short circuit level and voltage compatibility is important too.
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    Ah, but it is. Homework is treated in a specific manner here, which is why it can't be posted in a regular sub-forum. That manner is that one will be helped to work out the problem, but it won't be solved for him/her. You still have to do the work yourself.
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    Okay, then... he shouldn't have fudged on disclosing whether or not it was homework. If he'd just said 'no, it isn't homework', the issue wouldn't have arisen.
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    What is homework?
    What is real problem?
    What is "thinking"?
    What is "understanding"?

    Unfortunately I think you are captive of your cynically idea, I think all important theory started by a good question.
    Of course I never lay claim to learning; I just like peoples and dialogue with them.
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