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Geology and Folklore Northern Himalayas

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    Recently I went trekking in the Northern areas of pakistan. More specifically the gojal district, very near the afghan border. I found these samples and wondering what they actually were. there is a alot of folklore behind these samples as well. They say thousands of years ago there lived a mythical creature in a small pond, that would cause havoc among the village people. Then finally one man came and killed the creature.Now they say what is left over is the bones of the beast. It was interesting because there were these samples in one specific area, but an a alot of it. Also, it was said that the samples found were most likely in or near a small glaciel pond that dried up many years ago. Thanks for the help. i have links to the photo.

    heres a link to album of photos.

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    #1 could be assorted fossil coral


    #3 could be sponge?


    #4 appears to be a crinoid

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    #2 looks like bryozoa to me.



    The others could be crinoid or coral.
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