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Gerotor style turbine , or gasoline engine

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    Gerotor style "turbine", or gasoline engine


    I have read a bit about gerotor style pumps. It seems to me that there is only two rotating, balanced parts. If water pressure can enter on one side, the water have no where else to go than through the gerotor before it can continue. The difference from a gerotor and a conventional water turbine is that if you stop the turbine, water can still flow through it. However, if we stop the gerotor, water will also stop flowing. This enables great power output even at very slow water flow.

    So in my opinion, a gerotary style power generator should be far more efficient than a turbine.

    To the gerotor gasoline engine idea:
    As described above, a gerotor has two rotating, balanced parts - that's all. What if the change in volume between inner and outer gear acts like pistons in a normal engine. Shouldn't it be quite possible to make a very efficient and silent gasoline engine that is true rotary - with no vibrations?

    I know that a Wankel engine have rotating parts, but the "piston" in a Wankel engine is actually moving up and down as a piston because the shaft is not centered on the rotating part, and makes lots of vibrations as well.

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