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Getting into a Master of Science Program

  1. Dec 19, 2011 #1
    I am a third year EE undergraduate and I am thinking of getting a Master of Science degree in EE after my undergraduate studies.

    There are a lot of information here regarding PhD admissions, but I couldn't find any that specifically states the factors that can affect a Master's program application. Therefore I would gladly appreciate any answers to my questions below:

    1) Am I right to say that a Master's program admission process is exactly the same as that of a PhD program? (i.e. the decision is made by the EE department, grades/GREs/letters of recommendation/experience with research are the deciding factors)

    2) Does taking a graduate course and doing well in it increase my chances of getting accepted into a Master's program?

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    Can any kind soul help me with my questions? It would be greatly appreciated.
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