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Getting into the space industry

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    I am just about desperate to become part of the space industry. I want to be doing something involving the design, construction, or operation of spacecraft, manned or unmanned. I don't particularly care where I start. I wouldn't mind writing communication software, working on data analysis and reduction tools, designing electronics, helping solve the engineering challenges involved in construction, helping to educate the public, you name it -- I'd even be happy to start by getting coffee for the people who do this work.

    Where I am currently: I'm 25, I hold a BSCpE (which is essentially the same as a BSEE) from Virginia Tech, and I have three years of experience in the semiconductor industry.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get from here to there?

    - Warren
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    You're farther along than I am, so take this with a grain of salt:

    I'd just start applying to Aerospace companies with openings for electrical engineers. AE is such a broad field that you could get a job doing _something_ with any engineering degree. FWIW, avionics was one topic that got practically no 'big picture' coverage through the entire undergraduate track at UMCP. All we got was a single electronics lab which also covered experimental data acquisition methods. The entire thing was geared more towards aircraft type applications.

    Another option would be to talk to the aerospace department at your (or a nearby) university and ask to see their 5 year course layout. There are usually several courses which are on avionics, control systems, communications, and the like. A few AE courses in addition to your industry experience would certainly make you qualified, if the companies don't think you are now.
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