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Getting raped in jail

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    Why isnt anything done against this?
    Couldnt a prisoner sue the prisonsystem for getting aids?
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    The problem is society because people don't want to know, they don't want to be concerned about those who go to prison. Once you're in prison, you're forgotten, supposedly you deserve what you get.

    If we can displace our anger at the criminals, we can get around to treating them humanely.
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    The question is: "How far should humanity go?". They have been sent to jail as a punishment, for breaking a law. They shouldn't be handled with care like fragile goods. It is not the fault of the prison that there is an internal power struggle going on. The person above had been driving under the influence three times! What if he had killed someone you cared about? Would you want the killer to be treated with respect, have as much free time as possible away from the brutal reality of prisons. I sure wouldn't. If you commit a serious crime, you should pay for it, not be rewarded.
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    How is humane treatment a reward? It defines our humanity, not theirs. Who is worse, the criminal or one who says he (or she) deserves to be raped in prison? This is not about rewards, it's about having the word 'human' mean something.
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    I thought it would take a little longer before such comments were posted.

    Prison is already a very bad idea to deal with people having been the cause of problems to society. There are probably much better means, but not easy to implement.

    Would you go as far as stating the following ? This is actually very good a situation, because it makes prison closer to hell, thus frightening people even more to go there. People will then think longer before they commit a crime, because prison is such a horrible punishment.
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    you can eazly judge a civilzation by the qualitys of its prisons
    USA fails this test by a wide margin
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    How is that; do you have any proof?

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    Well said!
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    ...which makes prison a good idea, at least for now. :tongue:

    I agree with that.
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    Let's start by redefining some basic axioms, shall we?

    1. A prison is for containing people that have been sentenced to serve time in prison.
    2. A prison is not a reward, but to punish people. People who by society has been deemed to be less humane themselves, as they committed a crime.
    3. A prison should constrain the inmates in a sense as keeping them locked up, following certain procedures.
    4. Putting someone that has committed a crime behind bars after a conviction is inhumane in the sense that it limits the human rights of the inmate.

    In light of the above, your views seems to contradict itself. Should humans be treated inhumane but at the same time be treated humane? Where is the limit?
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    Prison is to rehabilitate, Moridin. You've assumed what you wanted to show.
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    What use is a prison if all it does is disillusion those sent there for punishment about the rules that society purports to uphold? It then perpetuates the problem in as much as the prisoner can feel completely outcast by that society and reoffend in other ways because they have even less respect for it than when they went in.
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    No its not. Its to punish people. Its not a rehab center. I guess he shouldnt have gotten his 3rd DUI.

    He deserves what he gets, what an idiot.

    These are not the right questions:

    The right question is, how stupid can you be? I guess the first two DUI's were not a "clue" for him to straighten up....:rolleyes:.
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    Still doesn't excuse it. All these "he should know better" arguments are utterly moot.

    And the 'punishment' is a deterrent in the interest of rehabilitation, or at least it should be, insofar as it works and is humane.
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    Do you even know what you are talking about ?

    How can one claim that, in order for someone to understand that it is not right to drive while under the influence the alcohol, destroying his inner personality is the answer ?

    There is something you don't seem to realize : this person commited major mistakes, and instead of being helped, his ability to behave in society is annihilated. Possibly, a stupid young teenager has been turned into a dangerous violent beast. Is this good for society ? This cannot be considered to be the right answer. It simply does not make sens.
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    I reckon he won't be getting a fourth one.
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    But come on, he could have gotten in jail for something less important.
    Do you realize that some people get in prison by mistake ?
    What if you, although innocent, tomorrow get arrested by mistake, and rapped tomorrow night, knowing that nobody will ever consider you were a victim ?

    We cannot accept torture in prison. Torture can only be justified at war times. Then of course, I should not bring that here, because it all depends what you call war...
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    Here's a question: What if prison rape wasn't incidental, but part of the punishment the courts handed down? As in, "you drove under the influence 3 times, we hereby sentence you to 10 years in jail and that you be raped 3 times, once for each offense!" Sounds a lot more cruel now, but guess what? It's the same end result as getting randomly raped!
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    No, it is not moot. If you repeatedly commit a crime 3 times, dont cry me a river about paying the price. Anyone with half of a brain would know these things happen in jail and avoid going there.

    AFAIK, when you get arrested you go into a holding cell, not a prison, until your trial ends. Totally different place.

    This is not tortue on the part of the state. It is crimes within the jail. Everyone is held accountable for their actions.
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  21. Feb 12, 2007 #20
    Anyone with half a brain wouldn't drive drunk in the first place. :cool:
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