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Homework Help: Getting started

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    I am going to be taking Precalculus next year and I was wondering if there was anything specific that I should now about. What kind of things do you learn in Precalculus?
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    Precalculus is more algebra practice (you can never have enough!) on topics that are specifically used in calculus.

    Here's a link to Harvard's precalculus webstite:
    that should be good enough!
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    Thanks HallsofIvy!
    The site helped alot
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    When I took pre-calc, the students who went in with some prior knowledge of trig fared much better than those who had no exposure to it.
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    In addition to algebra and trignometry, our HS calculus program consisted of one trimester of analytical geometry.

    Here is another site, which gives an overview -
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