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Girls or boys

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    what do you think are there more female or male students
    in Commerce Degree Programs at any university?
    what would be the ratio?
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    sorry, what is a commerce degree?
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    How can anyone resist guessing! It could mean Business Administration. Or the kind of practical commercial competence you learn in socalled Business School. But in what nation's educational system? The British? Do the Brits say commerce degree for what we say Biz-Ad or MBA degree?

    Budala will tell us. for some reason linguistics is the most exciting subject in the world this morning. Budala is a charming handle meaning Idiot or Simpleton. It came from an Arabic root taken over into Turkish, and then passed into Slavic languages like Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian, when the Turkish Empire included Slavic speakers.
    Someone who calls himself Budala at a message board could be a modest and humorous person living in a Slavic-speaking region, or else Turkey, or possibly also Tibet (but this is less likely).

    Excuse the foolishness. OK Budala, what is a commerce degree, and where do you go to get one?
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    Hey Budala!

    (You don't have to answer my foolish questions) Seriously now, the male/female student ratio will depend a great deal on what country the school is in ----USA, UK, India, ....etc
    and it will depend on what kind of school it is.

    In the US, for example, if a business school is at university level, offering an academic-level Bus. Ad. degree it will probably have roughly equal or slightly more male students.
    But if it is a highschool or junior-college level school, then it will be teaching basic skills like secretary skills and accounting---basically how to qualify as an assistant, clerical staff person. And those jobs traditionally were taken by women (because of traditional stratification) and probably still are. So you might find slightly more female students at such a school. I actually don't know first hand. I'm just guessing.

    But you'd have to narrow down your question, I think, in order to get someone to answer who has firsthand experience. Like say what country you mean. Because the education and employment picture varies from one society to the other.
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