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Glass amenable to writing with a graphite pencil

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    For a while I've used an IREX DR800 e-book reader, and in the course of my experimentations, I have observed that I can actually write directly onto the screen with a graphite pencil, and erase with a cotton t-shirt. I've been trying to find a larger piece of glass which yields similar effects, but I've been met with little success. Of course pencil doesn't take to standard glass, and there are erasibility problems with frosted glass. Anyone have a clue on a type of glass which accomplishes what I'm looking for?
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    I think the reason you cannot write on standard glass with graphite is due to the low coefficient of friction of the material. Perhaps the ebook readers surface is matte enough, presumably to diffuse light, reduce glare, etc. and so can be written on.

    You might look for glass with different coefficients of friction. Or try using a graphite pencil with less clay. The less clay, the softer the lead, the more likely it is to write on smooth glass.
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    Have you considered a china marker? They are made for writing on glass, they don't scratch, and are easily wiped off. I've used these for ages and can be bought just about anywhere.

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    Sure, I understand that if I take smooth glass as a given, I can vary the pencil to positive effect. What I'm going for is a method of using an HB pencil with the glass.


    I absolutely agree with everything you are saying, however the game is finding That glass with the higher coefficient of friction. What finish is applied? What additives are in the glass? &c.
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    you might try the very slightly frosted picture-frame glass that you can find in any drugstore or stationary store. I APPEARANCE at least those are very similar to some electronics screens.
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    I don't have an exact answer to your question but read this:


    and have a look at this video:


    The property that allows you to write with a pencil on your ebook is probably something manufactured into the glass to allow it to be a touch screen whose visibility won't be affected by fingerprints/skin oils. Glass like this may not be available outside touch screen applications.
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