What is Graphite: Definition and 62 Discussions

Graphite (), archaically referred to as plumbago, is a crystalline form of the element carbon with its atoms arranged in a hexagonal structure. It occurs naturally in this form and is the most stable form of carbon under standard conditions. Under high pressures and temperatures it converts to diamond. Graphite is used in pencils and lubricants. It is a good conductor of heat and electricity. Its high conductivity makes it useful in electronic products such as electrodes, batteries, and solar panels.

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  1. W

    I Melting point of graphite and diamond?

    I was conversing with ChatGPT when I asked which material has the highest melting point, and it answered "tungsten" (giving its melting temperature). It so happened that in the previous question the melting point of graphite had come up, and it was listed as higher than that. When I asked which...
  2. C

    Fusion catalized from graphite?

    My name "crystal catalyst" because I believe that is the best way to achieve fusion. It was inspired by the Pons and Fleishman experiments. Were they actually right? I don't know. But maybe they were on the right track, as having the fusion fuel loaded inside a crystal catalyst that holds the...
  3. A

    Equivalent resistance of a section of a graphite ring

    I considered that the lengths of pi/4 and 3pi/4 would be in parallel: 1/R = 1/30 + 1/10 R = 7,5 ohm But the answer is 30 ohm. Where am I missing and how do I calculate the potential of the voltmeter.
  4. J

    Finding the thickness of graphite in a circuit

    Summary: I have tried everything to understand this but I cant. Please help me. In class, I "drew a circuit" with a pencil. When the LED was moderately bright about 9mA was flowing and so (since I was using a 9V battery), the resistance was about 1 kΩΩ. At this point, the distance 𝐿L between...
  5. O

    Graphite as a moderator in MSR and VHTR

    Hi, In Gen 4 reactors, graphite is used as a moderator instead of water. Is it because of water's absorption cross section is higher than that of graphite? But as far as I know, you would need more graphite to thermalize neutrons. That is because water is commonly used in nuclear reactors. Is...
  6. M

    Diamagnetism & levitation of pyrolytic graphite explanation

    Hi, This YouTube video shows various shapes of pyrolytic graphite suspended on an alternating polarity matrix of square neodymium magnets. As I understand the principle of diamagnetic anisotropy, the stronger the external magnetic force, the stronger the induced repulsive force in the...
  7. M

    Questions about induction heating

    Hi there, I'm a material chemist, currently working on ceramics. I know the very basics of physics, but I have many doubts about electromagnetism. How does induction heating exactly work? I understand that you use a hollow coil of copper with a cooling fluid circulating inside, through which...
  8. hackhard

    Graphite Touch Button: High Conductivity & Faster Response

    graphite has high conductivity , so i though of making a touch button out of a pencil drawn pattern on the wall.the pattern is shown below. when not touched -resistance between ends of the pattern >200Mohm (exceeds dmm limit) when fully pressed - resistance between ends of the pattern = 1.3...
  9. hackhard

    Graphite electromagnetic induction

    since graphite conducts. if spiral shape is drawn with pencil on the wall (thick , dark lines) will a voltage difference appear between inner and outer end of the spiral when a varying magnetic field is switched on, normal to wall
  10. Hamal_Arietis

    Calculate Heat of Combustion of Graphite

    Homework Statement The heat of combustion of graphite and that of CO is 394kJ/mol and 283 kJ/mol, respectively. When 12g of graphite is combusted incompletely, the same volume of CO and CO2 are generated. Calculate the heat of generated by this combustion. Choose the closet value.(kJ) A.197...
  11. PhiowPhi

    Resistivity of graphite sheets?

    I'm trying to calculate the possible resistance of a graphite sheet that I'm using to coat surfaces of metal conductors, protecting them from wear, welding, and other possible failures. I can't seem to find an accurate value for the Resistivity, some sites state it's 7.8E-06, while others 3 to...
  12. Q

    A STM images of graphene, graphite and Silicon carbide

    most STM images of graphite have been acquired using a bias voltage of ? Or in the range ? Same thing for graphene and Silicon carbide
  13. T

    Graphene: Questions from a Non-Chemist

    Hi, I haven't had any chemistry exposure for over a decade, (I have some semi-conductor and quantum mechanics experience though) I was wondering: (to my vague 'knowledge') If graphite is just made of many overlapped graphene sheets, then why isn't graphite conductive? Also, if graphene is a "2D...
  14. RoboNerd

    Sublimation of Graphite: Understanding the Process and Its Significance

    Homework Statement Multiple choice:[/B] In which of the following processes are covalent bonds broken? a) solid sodium chlroide melts b) bronze melts c) sucrose dissolves in water d) solid carbon graphite sublimes e) solid carbon dioxide sublimes Homework Equations none The Attempt at a...
  15. Nono713

    I A diamagnet inside a magnetized hollow cylinder

    Hi! Suppose I have a cylinder of pyrolytic carbon graphite (strong diamagnet) that's vertically placed inside a hollow cylinder made out of approximately radially magnetized neodymium. Assume the graphite is frictionlessly held into place vertically somehow (so gravity can be ignored) but can...
  16. RoboNerd

    Graphite and HCl.... why do they not react?

    Homework Statement Graphite does not react with HCl as I saw in a previous lab. However, I looked at activity series on google and they all have carbon as more reactive than hydrogen, so theoretically graphite should react with HCl. However, this is not the case. Homework Equations No...
  17. M

    CASTEP simulation for graphene band structure

    Homework Statement I am running CASTEP DFT software to simulate pristine graphene, and am unsuccessful in obtaining the trademark zero band gap at the k-point as reported in numerous papers to date. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as the subject is very new but I am keen to push...
  18. P

    Thermal motion of graphite atoms

    Hi everyone, I've been thinking about the quantum pencil, and I can't quite convince myself that you could perfectly balance a perfectly sharpened pencil even if the uncertainty principle went away. For those who are unfamiliar with the problem, you can read about it here...
  19. S

    Graphite electrode destroyed in electrolysis

    I built a Hoffman apparatus with graphite electrodes. I hooked it up to a make shift power supply from an xbox powerblock. It was filled with battery acid for the electrolyte. Now, the graphite electrode is 99% graphite rod. For some reason the graphite electrode on the negative(black)...
  20. A

    The structure of carbon graphite

    hi everyone I found out that graphite carbon conduct just in one side if there is anyone who can inform me how is the structure of this material?
  21. C

    Electrostatic Precipitator to Contain Graphite Powder

    Hi all! This is my first post here and I really hope you guys can help! I am currently in senior design at Purdue Fort Wayne in the MET department. I also own a company called Graphite Customs where we make graphite molds for glass blowers. When machining graphite, the powder is very abrasive...
  22. A

    Behavioural characteristics of Titanium & Graphite

    Hi all, Does anybody have any experience with titanium and graphite in terms of friction and wear over time in a relatively high temperature environment? I realize that galvanic corrosion shouldn't be too much of an issue, but I was wondering from a sort of tribological point of view. Hope this...
  23. W

    RF Susceptor Heating (KHz range) Graphite Foil vs Iron Foil (or thin film)

    Which do you believe is the best choice for a low temperature RF heating susceptor, i.e. - greatest rise in temperature vs. field strength. I am aware that Graphite (expanded graphite foil) has excellent thermal conductance in plane and therefore makes for very even heating patterns over large...
  24. H

    Using graphite as a catalyst to break down Ozone

    Can graphite be used as a catalyst to break down ozone into oxygen without serious oxidization? The applied use for this is to break down ozone at the output of an ionic wind "fan". Similar operation to an ion thruster used by NASA but instead of using stored gasses and propelling them into...
  25. J

    Can Graphite Be Used as a Vibration Sensor?

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum and I am not so sure where to post my question.. My first question, is graphite capable on detecting vibration? I'm currently doing my Final Year Project, trying to investigate on graphite compound. I using the graphite from the pencil lead and sketch it on a...
  26. S

    Negative or 0 void coeficient graphite moderated reactor

    Is it possible to create a graphite moderated light water cooled reactor w/ at least 3 GW thermal power output and a non-positive void coefficient that runs on slightly enriched uranium (0.9-2%) w/ at least 60 GWd/tHM burn-up? If not, is it possible to create a graphite moderated light water...
  27. A

    Why does the melting point of graphite is higher than diamond?

    In diamond valence electrons are fully covalently bonded.But in graphite only three are covalently bonded while one electron is freely moving.So it seem that melting point of diamond should be higher than that of graphite because in diamond we should break four covalent bonds while in graphite...
  28. L

    Ball-Park Price Low-temp graphite

    Hey guys, I know that I will have to get an actual quote from one of the material makers, but curious if anyone has a ballpark idea of how much low-temperature curing prepregs cost (10$/lb...100$/lb ? I have very little clue here). The most interesting ones I have seen so far are Hexcel M34 and...
  29. T

    What sort of experiments can be doen with Graphite ?

    What sort of experiments can be doen with Graphite ?? I need experiments that can be done for the research of graphite.. GOt any ideas??
  30. P

    Carbon Brushes are Graphite right?

    Carbon Brushes are Graphite ... right? I was wondering if the carbon brushes are graphite? and if yes how pure? These days I am in Sri Lanka and can't find any seller offering pure graphite tubes, to be used as a heating element. So I though what if... I could use these carbon brushes...
  31. S

    Doped Graphite May Be Superconductive Upto 230 C

    Doped graphite has shown tantalizing hints of superconductivity at temperatures upto 230 Celsius: http://www.nature.com/news/tantalizing-hints-of-room-temperature-superconductivity-1.11443 http://www.technologyreview.com/view/429203/room-temperature-superconductivity-found-in/ Heh -...
  32. fluidistic

    Calculating Fermi Energy in Graphite Using Free Electron Model

    Homework Statement Graphite has a structure of parallel planes weakly interacting with each others such that for many effects it can be considered as two dimensional. Each plane has a hexagonal (honeycomb) structure with a single C atom by site which gives 1 electron of conduction. Assume that...
  33. J

    Graphite Moderator Explained: Carbon's Atomic Structure & Neutron Moderation

    Can someone explain to me, in layman's terms, why carbon (especially graphite) has a high scattering cross section? What is it about carbon's atomic structure that makes it a good neutron moderator?
  34. D

    Glass amenable to writing with a graphite pencil

    For a while I've used an IREX DR800 e-book reader, and in the course of my experimentations, I have observed that I can actually write directly onto the screen with a graphite pencil, and erase with a cotton t-shirt. I've been trying to find a larger piece of glass which yields similar effects...
  35. S

    Solving a Graphite Structure Factor Calculation Problem

    Hi, this is my first post on this forum and I hope that I am in the right category. My question concerns an independent study and not a homework assignment. However, it's a standard homework question in introductory solid state physics courses which makes me both the more frustrated that I...
  36. T

    Graphene super strong but not graphite?

    How does it come that graphene is so strong, but not graphite? Graphite is basically just many graphene sheets stacked on top of each other so it should super duper strong.
  37. H

    Diamond vs graphite by a conductivity?

    Diamond vs graphite by a conductivity? Hello. This is the last question on HW. Q) Diamond and graphite are both made of carbon atoms. Explain why diamond is elecrically insulationg while graphite is a good conductor in terms of type(s) of hybridization of atomic orbitals and bonds in each...
  38. M

    Finding amount of graphite in a Pencil

    Homework Statement I have some information about a 2H pencil. There is a current of 0.008 amps and 3.8 volts going through the pencil. The length of the pencil was 16cm and the diameter of the core was 2mm. Calculate the percentage of graphite in the pencil. Homework Equations ohms law...
  39. M

    Graphite thermal conductivity?

    I'm currently running RELAP5-3D to model a molten salt reactor and I require the thermal conductivity of graphite. Is there anyone that is aware of this value, or can inform me of a proper resource? Thanks!
  40. W

    Entropy of diamond and graphite at 0K

    Hi, all. Does anybody know the 0K entropy of diamond and graphite? According to the third law of thermodynamics, the entropy of one of carbon polymorphs which should be called perfect crystal goes to 0. How about diamond and graphite? Thanks.
  41. M

    Chemical Electric CELL with graphite electrodes?

    In normal chemical cells, the electrodes are two different metals so that the more reactive one gives off electrons and create a flow of electrons and hence electricity. [the electrolyte is say NaOH aq or whatever] Just wondering - is it possible to have a chemical cell consisting of: a)...
  42. G

    Graphene ribbon and Landau Energy Bands of Graphite

    hı ; Pleaseee help mee. My thesis subject is graphene ribbon and Landau Energy Bands of Graphite. I am trying to plot graphics in energy levels of tight-binding electrons in graphane in the presence magnetic field but I couldn't plot graphic exactly .Can you give me information how I can draw...
  43. T

    Maple Graphite vs maple bridge on a cello

    Hi! I have a cello with a hard maple bridge, as well as a spare graphite bridge. The bridge pushes the strings away from the body, as you can see in this picture: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/da/Cello_bridge.jpg" The problem is the following: The spare graphite bridge is...
  44. T

    Calculate Harmonic Freq of graphene and graphite block

    Greetings, I'm looking for a way to calculate the molecular harmonics of a sheet of graphene. Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated. How to approach this task with a hexagonal lattice and using atomic-scale objects leaves me stuck wondering how to do it. Wiki briefly describes...
  45. C

    Irradiating graphite taget coated with silicon-glue

    As part of experiment i need to irradiate the graphite target coated with silicon glue to keep it intact. Is this advisable? what would be the effect of the silicon glue on the safety side?
  46. E

    What can i possibly do with graphite powder.

    I have a bottle full of graphite powder from a failed experiment and now it just sits there doing nothing. I hate art, so no graphite related artwork... All the machines in my house are lubricated enough... What can i do with the excess graphite powder ?
  47. S

    Powdered Graphite in engine oil

    From a chemical point of view, what are some of your thoughts about powdered graphite in engine oil? I think it would work very well because it would suspend particles between the graphene sheets.
  48. U

    Graphite leads in electrolysis

    What is it about graphite leads that make them so much better for electrolysis than, say, copper leads? I tried it both ways, connecting leads to a battery and then sticking them in some water and with the graphite leads there was much more bubbling going on. So what is it about the graphite...
  49. R

    Graphite Resistance: Exploring Why Graphite Heats in Center & Light Retracts

    Homework Statement As graphite heats, the resistance of electrons flowing through it in a circuit decreases. 12 volts of electricity was run through a rheostat and through a small strip of mechanical pacer 'lead' to observe the state of the 'lead' as the resistance of the rheostat was...
  50. P

    Does Graphite's Random Arrangement Affect Electron Diffraction Symmetry?

    hi, I am a currently a year one physics major and during a lab session today and have a question regarding electron diffraction using graphite. Since the electron beam and the circular ring on the screen exhibit cylindrical symmetry(such that if you rotate the beam and the ring, you still get...