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God moves in mysterious ways

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    God moves in mysterious ways....

    I'm not sure why or how or where why, but all the trains are cancelled from my station to day and only in the direction I need to go?

    I could laugh it's so funny. My boss is not happy, to be frank I'm not very happy, but in an odd sort of way it's welcome.:bugeye:


    Still as she said I'd done all I could, major engineering works made no mention of this happening. so o:) :devil:

    Fate has a sense of humour:tongue2: :cool:

    EDIT: anyone else ever had a serendipitous day off?
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    In the 1960's, the TV show, Candid Camera, put up road blocks on the turnpike and told frustrated drivers that New Jersey was closed that day. :rofl:
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