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Good and easy mathematical logic book for computer science

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    Hello I recently noticed that mathematical logic is related to computer science.
    I haven't studied math in university yet I'm not good at math and Since I'm not a native English speaker some English is hard to me.
    Is there any good and easy book which describes mathematical logic used in computer science?
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    Very little mathematical logic is used in computer science, in my experience. The logical operators that are most common are these:
    Not - logical negation of a boolean expression
    And - expr1 "and" expr2 is true if and only if both subexpressions are true
    Or - expr1 "or" expr2 is true if expr1 is true, or if expr2 is true, or if both are true
    Xor (AKA exclusive or) - expr1 "xor" expr2 is true if the two subexpressions have opposite truth values

    Most programming languages have these concepts, but they use different symbols. For example, C and the languages based on C use ~ for NOT, && for logical AND, || for logical OR, and ^ for exclusive OR. Newer versions of Fortran use .NOT., .AND., .OR. I don't believe Fortran has an exclusive or operator, per se, but its .NEQV. operator works similarly.
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