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Good books with numerical answers in the back

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    So I'm trying to teach myself physics and Ive been doing problems in books. I started with griffiths qm but it has no answers. I became incredibly frustrated because there was no way to check if I was doing the work correctly, and my math skills weren't good. Now I'm working through Mary Boas' math methods book and it's wonderful because it asks you calculate things and provides answers to some problems, but not all and therefore not enough. Again, this is so I can check if I have the prescription down right.

    So what are some other books like this? with at least decent pedagogy and answers that don't show me how to do the problem but do offer a way to check that I've done it right. In any subject area... it would be nice if landau's books were like this...

    Again I would suggestions for books with answers but not solutions.
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    What is your current mathematics and physics background? What area of physics interests you for self-study?
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    It sounds like the optimal solution would be to use a textbook for the pedagogy and something like a Schaum's outline for the problems.
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    Squires, Problems in Quantum Mechanics: With Solutions is pretty good. There's also a Dover book that's not quite as good (a little old fashioned in choice of problem topics, and there's no introductory text), but is cheap.

    Here's a nice overview of QM problem books:

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    i would like suggestions for books on any topics. not just physics and not just qm
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