Good chemistry websites

  1. I think that these links can be interesting:


    Organic Chemistry (From Frostburg State University). It s an Introduction, with some interesting tutorials.

    Surface Chemistry: An introduction to Surface Chemistry

    Environmental Chemistry, with information on hazardous materials

    General Introductory Links:

    "Virtual Chemistry":

    Virtual Classroom:

    History of Chemistry:

    Selected Classic Papers

    Linus Pauling Papers:

    A History of Mass Spectrometry


    Molecular structures and resources

    UCSF Chimera: A free interactive molecular graphics programm

    Reciprocal Net.A database with information about molecular structures

    The Wired Chemist. A Collection of Chemistry Resources
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  4. It is very good.
    I did not know it. Effectively, it is very comprehensive.
    Thank you.
  5. hey ryokan.. thanks a lot for ur links on biochemistry.. they were really useful for my projects.
  6. More links on History of Chemistry

    I think that these links can be interesting:

    Generalist webs:
    A web with a comprehensive content on history of chemistry: of Chemists
    Other interesting general link (in French)
    One generalist timeline (also in French)

    Links on historical topics about Elements and atoms:
    One time line:

    And the Nobel e-Museum's Page
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    On-line newsletter and resource for chemists and chemical engineers.

    Subject areas:

    Analytical Chemistry
    Chemical Engineering
    Fuel & Petrochemistry
    Inorganic Chemistry
    Materials Chemistry
    Organic Chemistry
    Pharmaceutical Science
    Physical Chemistry

    They also publish an e-newsletter, The Alchemist
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    I think some form of this thread would be useful as a sticky.
  10. Thank you, Gokul43201.
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    Let's not forget the American Chemical Society

    I would be interested in other societies in other countries.

    For those who are involved in chemistry and particularly in synthesis, check out the following site:

    InnoCentive enables independent and university scientists to receive professional recognition and financial awards for solving R&D challenges.

    Basically this organization lists problems from the chemical (organic and inorganic) and biochemical (e.g. pharmaceutical) industries. Problems are posed and one can select to solve the problem for the stated price. One must register to participate.

    No endorsement of Innocentive is expressed or implied.
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