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Good real analysis books

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    I am currently taking real analysis(undergraduate course), and am using the book "Introduction to Real Analysis" by Bartle and Sherbert. I think the book is okay overall, but I was hoping to purchase a secondary text to look at whenever I am confused with a proof or something in the Bartle book. Are any of the Dover books on real analysis any good? They are really cheap and thats what I am looking for. I don't need something to work problems out of, just something else to look at in case I don't understand something in Barte.
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    I enjoy Pugh's Analysis text. Very clear, has a bit of humor and it does retain rigor (though some claim it is not completely rigorous in the first couple chapters).
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    Thanks all. Not really worried about rigor, just want good explanation of concepts. Also, a book with some humor(personality) would be great. The text im using is dull, unemotional, and I have a sense that the authors aren't even that trilled by the topic.
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    Kolmogorov & Fomin is pretty good...
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    I like the following books:

    Brannan - A First Course in Mathematical Analysis

    Estep - Practical Analysis in One Variable

    Unfortunately I have no experience with the Dover titles in analysis, so I can't offer any help on those. The books above are more expensive than most Dover publications, but if you like the Amazon previews/reviews then you might see if your library has copies.
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