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Good resources for Physics II?

  1. Feb 12, 2016 #1
    I'm struggling just a little bit in Physics II ("An introduction to electricity, magnetism, and light, with emphasis on topics needed by engineering students" as described by the course listing), and I was wondering if there were any good resources to supplement my book, lecture, recitation, lab, and homework. Currently I'm working with electric fields, Gauss' Law, charge distributions, electric potentials, potential energies and now capacitance. I have a test coming up next week and I'm hopelessly under-prepared.

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    MIT OCW used to have Walter Lewin's lectures up there for everyone, but they were taken down after a scandal. I think they are still available on Youtoube somehwere. Just search "Walter Lewin Electricity and Magnetism". Upside is they are very well done lectures, downside is they aren't very advanced. It mostly focuses on the integral forms of Maxwell's equations. Things like LaPlace's and Poisson's aren't discussed. Griffith's is also a very good introductory text that covers all of the bases. The only thing griffith's lacks is Advanced techniques and Lagrangian\Hamiltonian Field Theory.
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    I'll definitely look into that, thanks. I'm concurrently enrolled in Calc III, so we haven't done the differential forms and won't this semester. Thanks!
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