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GPA for grad school

  1. Apr 16, 2012 #1
    How important is your GPA for grad school admissions? I study in a very competitive college (top 3 in physics) and, for most classes, even though grade inflation exists, getting an A+ can be extremely hard (top 5%) and require substantially more work than getting an A (which isn't that hard). Do grad school admissions actually care if I have a lot of A+ in my transcript? Or is it just how I have read: the GPA is just a threshold, and the difference between A and A+ will not make any difference in my overall application?
    Appreciate your inputs!
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    Where did you read that?

    Let's say you have fifty applicants and five spots and a limited amount of time. How are you going to decide which applicants to make an offer to?
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    Letters of rec, research, personal statement I would imagine are all worth far more than the difference between A and A+.
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