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Grad school to study Quantum Gravity?

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    I've got a bachelors in Ephys and I'm REALLY interested in quantum gravity (LQG and semi-classical approaches), but my GR experience is limited to running a few simulations in Mathematica, and I've just had the first semester of QM.

    I know it's not realistic to start doing QG right away with this knowledge but what schools should I be looking at to start heading in that direction?
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    From what I see in the US you have LSU, Pen-State univ which specifically approach LQG.
    In Europe you have Marseille and also Ulm Univ in germany which I saw there's a group which deals in LQG (mainly applications to cosmology), besides these in England there's Nottingham, and in Canada there's Perimeter.
    These are the places where I have looked and they have the prominent researchers in LQG.

    You can ask Marcus in the forums for a more thorough list.
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