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Other Graduation project

  1. Oct 11, 2016 #1
    I am writing to ask about your experiences in senior projects (physics) .. How did you choose the topic? what did you do? Things helped you? And so on.

    I should start my senior project after less than one year and until now I have no idea.
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    In my university, there is a central database for available student projects in physics (at all levels: undergrad, honours (senior projects), masters, phd). Students will generally find a project by finding a project that catches their eye, and then contacting their potential supervisor and seeing if it is a good fit. Does your university have a similar website?

    Absent this, you can do the same thing by looking at the research done at your university. There will surely be a website that lists the research groups at your university. Do any of them catch your eye? If so, have a deeper look -- look at some recent papers and see if it's the kind of thing that interests you. If it does, send an email to someone in the research group to see if you can do your senior project with them.

    I will say though, that a year from now is quite a while, and it's not obvious to me that you need to worry about it right now. Your research interests may change in a year, because you will (presumably) learn a lot more physics in the next year.
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