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Gravity is negative for example (-0.1)

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    is there a situation where the gravity is negative for example(-0.1)
    and is it possible
    i think it is impassible but i have a Friend who believe it is possible
    so is it possible ?????? :smile:
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    What do you mean by "gravity" being negative? If you mean the force of gravity, yes it can be negative if it is pulling in whatever you define as the negative direction.

    If you mean gravitational potential energy, then yes, that too can also be negative if you place the origin of your coordinate system out at infinity.

    If you mean just the magnitude of the gravitational force, then no, this can't be negative by definition.
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    What do you mean by gravity being negative? In a sense, the force is negative almost everywhere, but that's because our traditional choice of coordinate system and sign convention makes it such.
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