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Green Envelopes

  1. Feb 25, 2006 #1
    Does anyone use the green envelopes at the left of threads to make decisions about what to open? I never do, and often forget they're there. When I happen to notice them I have to go to the bottom and refresh my memory of what each means.
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    Sometimes I forget if I've posted in a discussion and use them as visual cues. That's about it.
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    Nope. The only useful thing about them for me is when I see the miniature padlock on them; then my curiousity is piqued to find out why it was locked. :rolleyes: I really go more by the thread title, and the little "quick peek" view you get of the first few lines of a thread when you hold the cursor over the thread title. Some of the symbols on the envelopes are too small for me to even see clearly, so they're of no use at all. They seem to be more of decoration to me.
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    haha yah i alllllllllllllllways go into the locked threads to see what caused the lock.
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    That pretty much sums it up for me too. I don't even know what half of the envelope symbols mean.
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    I'm with Pengwuino. It's almost always entertaining to see what went awry.

    The green envelope that cracks me up is the one that's on fire. And it's usually associated with a thread that's 19 pages long and was started three hours ago.
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    I like the green envelopes, especially in the homework section, because I can easily look through the icons to find where my thread is :smile:
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    i used to look at the envelopes a lot more in the old skin. they were much more noticable and it was easy to notice which one's i posted in (black dot) and which were popular (bright red), the rest were plain. the new ones don't stand out against eachother as much, so i basically only notice the locked ones.
  10. Feb 25, 2006 #9


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    Yeah, me too. I always have to see why it was locked. :blushing:

    But when the folder or envelope is red (old prime) and with fire (nexus), that means its a hot thread! And I gotta see why its so hot.
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    I read the locked ones just because I want to know what I said that was so bad that it had to be locked. Evo's gets a bit power hungry sometimes.
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    Green envelopes? What green envelopes? :tongue2: Ah, thooose green envelopes. No, of course not. I look at the next column with the icon. If I see an exclamation mark then I just know it's important so I open it right away. :biggrin:
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