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Guys, I have a question regarding a mathematical equation of a transformer

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    I have been trying to figure it out, but nothing seems to help. my queston is simple, how are we able to derive a mathematical equation of a transformer for convesion of Delta connection to star or star to delta ?
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    now, are you asking what the equations are? or are you asking how did we ever come up with the equations to begin with??
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    im asking what the equation is.
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    Assuming a balanced three-phase circuit,

    http://www.texify.com/img/%5Cnormalsize%5C%21%7CV_%7Bab%7D%7C%20%3D%20%5Csqrt%7B3%7D%20%7CV_%7Ban%7D%7C.gif [Broken]

    Where http://www.texify.com/img/%5Cnormalsize%5C%21%7CV_%7Bab%7D%7C.gif [Broken] is the magnitude of the line-to-line voltage on a Delta connection, and http://www.texify.com/img/%5Cnormalsize%5C%21%7CV_%7Ban%7D%7C.gif [Broken] is the magnitude of the line-to-neutral voltage on a Wye(star) connection.
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    Thanks for the help guys. This question was in my MID., it was a bonus question, either way I did not attempt it :( Just wanted to know

    Thank you :)
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