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Guys pls help?

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    im to design something, a plane, or any kind of material to let it stay from the time of release up to it falling into the ground for 13 seconds provided that it is powered by a rubber band...
    i'm having a hard time thinking about it, having it stay in mid-air longer than usual, and just want to ask help from u guys...thanks in advance.
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    is there a size and weight limit? and remember,

    KISS - keep it simple stupid

    always the most effective designs are the simplest
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    You should also specify the launching conditions. A paper aeroplane glider can stay in the air for far more than 13 seconds if thrown in the proper manner.
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    we can launch it anyway we want, as long as it can stay up to 13 secs..
    and powered by 1 rubber band..
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    Well your launch method will depend on how strong your "vehicle" is constructed. Some very light free flight hobby airplanes can be hand launched and stay in the air for a very long time on a rubber powered motor (by hand launch I mean a light toss or even just let go after the prop is spinning).

    As Danger pointed out you can get a motorless paper airplane if constructed right and launched righ tto glide for 13 seconds or longer.

    Try searching on rubber powered free flight models and rubber powered free flight duration models and see what come up.
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