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Gyroscopic precession with dual counter rotation

  1. Jun 26, 2015 #1
    I watched an interesting video on YouTube by veratisirm where he had a meter long metal rod with a huge metal fly wheel on the end of it. Long story short he could barely lift the thing but under full spin he could just about swing the thing like a sword. the only thing was the precession wanted to keep the whole thing moving around him in a circle. My question is what would be the result if there where two counter rotating equaly placed equal in size equal in mass equal in speed flywheels. Would there be precession along any axis? would he still be able to manipulate the bar as though it where light weight? or is that purely an action of the asyemetry of it?
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    Simon Bridge

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    You mean if you had the same rod but two, counter-rotating, flywheels?
    Watching the video - the effect was explained right?
    So, before anyone explains, what do you think would happen?
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    If you cannot come up with the answer yourself, have you tried to google "counter rotating gyroscopes" ?
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    Ok I have many responses but ad per requested I didn't look at any of them and am going to give it my best guess.

    I would imagine that the counter rotation would stop the rod from wanting to rotate like a wagon wheel. (Becuase I saw some exotic helicopter without a tail roter one time using this principle.

    I also think it would tend to lock itself exactly onto whatever axis it was oriented on and resist being moved axial against the rotation.

    However as to lifting it along a different axis I have no opinion or idea whatsoever if it would resist that assists that or be indifferent
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    Hey buddy I'm sorry if I offended you or broke some forum rules. I just figured it would be an intresting place to discuss it here
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