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  1. David Hamel (1924-2007) made a generator, and some people might know it from mythbusters where they made one for the anti-gravity myth. Even though it didn't work for the anti-gravity the generator itself seemed to work. I then read on the internet that it is supposed to run for 100's of years.

    I was interested in making one, does anyone know how to make a miniature homemade version?
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  3. I was thinking, this may be a stupid question, if the hamel generator was connected to a electric generator couldn't it produce cheap and clean electricity? - Sounds to good to be true
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    You need to post more information about a Hamel Generator. I (and I am sure others) have never heard of the device.
  5. Okay, thanks for reply
    This info is from JLN Labs [crackpot link deleted]

    The picture in the attachtments is from the site and shows a version of the generator... not completely sure if this is hamel's design... but i think its the sames as in mythbusters


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    This is a crackpot perpetual motion machine. No, it won't produce power. It won't do anything useful at all.

    As a rule, we don't discuss such things here - it brings crackpots out of the woodwook and provides free advertising for the originator of the crackpot idea.
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