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Hang musical instrument

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    So I just discovered this awesome musical instrument today and thought I'd share it the forum. What do you think?
    I really like the sounds of this instrument, makes me think about ancient civilisations, not sure why... Almost like Aztec's or something.

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    I think I have already posted similar videos in the youtube classics thread. Or was it the fav song thread?
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    To me the sound is very similar to the steel drum and it looks like the principle is the same. This one is just more compact and inside out, so to speak.

    On that subject, is a steel drum really a drum? If so, wouldn't this be a drum? Or is a steel drum called that simply because it's made of a literal steel drum, a storage cylinder made of steel?
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    Looks like two woks on a tripod. Wok and roll?
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    They're called Hangs or Space Drums but the official name is Hang. Looks more appealing than the steel drums though
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    And easier to bring into the subway.
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    Binzing and I discussed them briefly back in July of 2009, after I saw one at the fair.
    I just went through the "Best Songs Ever" thread from that point through Jan 2010, and I don't see that you posted it there.
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    I came across these a while ago when I was applying for grad schools. At the time, I had found that the guys that designed it invented the metal that it's made of for its resonant properties. And each one was supposedly custom made in a unique way and they stopped shipping out because they wanted people to come to Switzerland pick out their Hang manually. I considered applying exclusively to Swiss grad schools just so I could get one :P

    anyway, apparently they're available for shipping now:

    The inventors' site:
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