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Hannibal Lecter and Roller Pigeons

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    In the film Hannibal there is a scene where Clarice is listening to a tape of Hannibal Lecter talking to Barney. Hannibal is talking about Roller Pigeons and says something along the lines of.
    There are two types of rollers deep rollers and shallow rollers if you breed two deep rollers together their offspring will roll all the way to the ground and kill themselves.
    Is this true or was it just made up to demonstrate what a polymath the old psycho was?
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    Most likely not true but I am not a Roller Pigeon breeder.
    I thing it means that too much of a good thing can be detrimental in the end, more is not always better. Hannibal the polymath and also the writer(s).
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    It seems to have a basis in fact:

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    Pigeons roll? :smile:
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    I had never understood that line until now. Not only do pigeons roll in the air, they also roll on the ground. In competition. Go figure.

    Need a laugh? Its pigeon bowling.

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    But do they rock as well
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