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Haow is magnetic permeability measured?

  1. Apr 12, 2012 #1
    My research is related to magnetism and I'm supposed to have a good understanding of permeability but I'm afraid I don't.

    My question is that how is permeability of a mater measured so that it becomes independent of the geometry and configuration?

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    You just have to measure it for an advantageous geometry. I think your problem is more due to assuming that permeability should link H_0 to B and not H to B, as is standard.
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    You are right. My problem was mainly due to the wrong assumption. But then how can we measure H ? I remember once my professor was explaining that the sample should close a magnetic circuit so that the stray field becomes zero, then we have H=H_{0}. Since then I was wondering if we use the sample in a circuit with larger air gaps, how the measured permeability would be useful. I think now I understand the relation. Thanks a lot.
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