Comparing Fusion360 & Tinkercad: Pros & Cons

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In summary, Fusion 360 is a fully cloud-based software like Tinkercad, but you can also access it through a client app on your computer.
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TL;DR Summary
TK and Fusion360, both are cloud-based software.
I am looking forward to using Fusion360 after having used Tinkercad for a while. Tinkercad is a fully cloud based and the STL files are/can be stored locally on our computer (STL files are not stored in the cloud).

Fusion 360 is also fully cloud-based. However, I installed a Fusion360 app on my pc. Is the app I downloaded just a client that communicates with the actual Fusion360 software via the internet connection?
Could I use Fusion360 without downloading that app and just via the browser as I do with Tinkercad? I believe so. I feel like the client app I downloaded is quite slow...

Thanks for any comment.
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Yes, you can use Fusion 360 without downloading the app. You can access it using your web browser. The app you downloaded is just a client that communicates with the actual Fusion360 software from your internet connection. It is possible that the app is slower than the web browser version, but the app should provide you with more features and better performance in certain scenarios.

1. What are the main differences between Fusion360 and Tinkercad?

Fusion360 is a professional-grade 3D modeling software, while Tinkercad is a beginner-friendly, web-based 3D design tool.

2. Which software is better for beginners?

Tinkercad is generally considered more user-friendly for beginners due to its simple interface and drag-and-drop functionality.

3. Can both software be used for 3D printing?

Yes, both Fusion360 and Tinkercad can be used for 3D printing. However, Fusion360 offers more advanced features for precise and complex designs.

4. Do both software have similar pricing?

No, Fusion360 offers a free version for personal use, while Tinkercad is completely free. However, Fusion360 requires a subscription for commercial use.

5. Which software is better for creating organic shapes?

Fusion360 is better suited for creating organic shapes as it offers more advanced tools for sculpting and organic modeling.

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