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Harmonic function

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    while doing physics , i just stuck on problem regarding mathematics

    i wanted to plot the graph of combined SHM but in the formula there is a big problem regarding finding the angle of the given tangent.

    i first used inverse tan but got a very weird wave, later i realized that inverse tan can give solutions between 0 -[tex]\pi[/tex] but what i wanted was a continuous increase in angle.
    i.e > [tex]\pi[/tex]or2*[tex]\pi[/tex], as angle increases with time(x -axis)

    can somebody tell how to find angle
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    Your calculator is giving the "principal value", specifically that value of t between [itex]-\pi[/itex] and [itex]\pi[/itex]. Since tangent is periodic with period [itex]\pi[/itex] your other values will be that number, plus [itex]\pi[/itex], plus [itex]2\pi[/itex], plus [itex]3\pi[/itex], etc.
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    the problem is that i am not working with a calculator , i am dealing with microsoft math
    it can plot a graph once you have given the function to it. so nothing can be done manually , i just wanted an expression which works
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