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News Have this damnable thought ever slipped through your mind that

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    your vote... might not count?
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    What!!! No count??

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    Do you mean vote doesn't count, or vote doesn't matter? Unless there is a glitch in the equipment, I expect the vote will count.
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    jim hardy

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    Surely you dont think there's any skullduggery afoot in today's political climate !
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    Such as?
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    Todays ? Psephologists who studied Athenian democracy discovered that the psephos (little pebble) was rorted on occasions, being quickly rub dyed during counting. Why would it be different now ?
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    For starters, because we don't use pebbles.
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    Speaking of pebbles, I wonder how she's doing.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Your vote counts as much as anyone else's. But voting was never enough. That's why we send money as well. However, since the SC decision legalizing super pacs, I have to wonder about the practical value of making donations now.
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    The other Pebbles is fine too.
  14. Mar 8, 2012 #13
    Make your vote count.
    Vote early. Aannd vote often.
    ( How original is that !)
  15. Mar 8, 2012 #14
    maybe voting in the presidential election feels a bit unsatisfactory when it comes to your impact on the outcome, but remember that there are elections on the state level and local level too! The guys who run for county commissioner, etc. can have a much bigger effect on your life, and you can have a much bigger effect on their elections. Relative to the presidential elections.
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    Perhaps I'm just a ridiculous idealist, but I'm much more concerned with what happens on a global level than what happens locally - at least politically speaking. Locally, I'm pretty sure I'll manage, so I might not even bother voting. Globally, there are a lot of thing I think could be improved, and that's why I vote.

    (Fair disclaimer: I live in the Netherlands. I don't really know much about voting on state-level, though I would probably see this as more 'global' than 'local'.)
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    in smaller states the vote of the individual counts for more because you must consider that your vote plays a much greater role in determining whether or not your candidate gets the electoral vote from your state; though electoral votes and population are proportional, in the matter of determining whether or not your candidate wins your particular state, your vote matters more in a smaller population.
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    But that matter is not one that matters, is it (once you've multiplied by electoral votes from the state)?
  19. Mar 8, 2012 #18
    Well, it's not that I'm not concerned about these national-scale issues, it's just that I am more connected to the issues near me. Perhaps it is not so in the Netherlands, but where I live (southeastern rural Pennsylvania, which is near Philadelphia) there is a biiiiig split in the ways people here would like things to be handled on the local scale. Things like public education in my area, or the way housing developments are taken care of, are things that people have vastly different opinions on in my "home town" and they also affect me quite a bit.
  20. Mar 8, 2012 #19
    It's a combination of being a small country, so lots of global news, and having it fairly well, at least superficially. In short, it's a luxury problem.

    Personally, I have the opposite set of priorities since I think the Netherlands have lots more problems than people care to admit.
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    There is a concerted move in the GOP to disenfranchise voters who are poor, disabled, elderly, and minorities. If the local poll-watchers challenge your ballot, it will be put in the "provisional" pile and may or may not get counted. In Maine, the Tea Party tried to eliminate same-day registration and early voting, citing voter fraud. The Secretary of State used our staff to go hunting and found exactly ONE example of an ineligible voter, and had to go back ten years to find that example. We managed to get the Tea Party measure repealed with a citizens' initiative, but the Secretary of State wants to require state-issued IDs before you can vote, which would be a severe hardship on people who are elderly or poor or don't have access to vehicles. If you are holding down two or three jobs trying to keep your family fed, should you have to blow a half-day at the Department of Motor Vehicles to get an ID? The poll-tax is back.
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