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Job Skills Having trouble getting a MSc

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    Hello! I recently quit my job as a research assistant since I discovered my supervisor, also my former advisor, recommended my boss to fire me (It was a project). He claimed he has done all the work and I didn't assist him, thankfully my boss believed otherwise.
    However, as he is my former advisor and a very influential man, I'm having trouble applying to an MSc since almost all universities need a recommendation letter. Any advice? or my career is really over?
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    Can you get a letter from your (former) boss?

    How was this project related to a BSc?
    \Which field is this?
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    I'd consider other possibilities for writing your recommendation letter. Have you worked for others as an RA? TA? What about classroom teachers in whose courses you excelled? Undergrad research advisers? Other mentors?

    One thing we do when mentoring undergraduates is make sure they have relationships with lots of people who can provide recommendation letters so that if one relationship goes south (it happens), they are not stuck.
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