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Heat Exchanger Design - Can anyone identify these drawings?

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    Hi, I have been asked to create a mechanical drawing of a Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger as part of my course, and have been given some drawings as an example of what mine could look like. I have managed to create drawings on CAD using the example as a target point, however with some of the drawings on the example can't figure out what is actually being shown. I have attached the drawings with their titles that I am confused with, and would greatly appreciate if some would kindly explain what is specifically being shown and point me towards a book or link where I can find out more about them. I have looked in a number of books and couldn't find anything similar to these.

    The drawings are of a BEF heat exchanger, however I will be creating an AES heat exchanger. In the drawing titled 'Tube Nest', I know the drawing on the right hand side is of the baffles, however the drawing on the left has me completely confused.

    I would ask my academic associate however they usually cut marks if they answer, and I'm really hoping to get good marks on this assignment.


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    Drain: Location of liquid drain from bottom of shell.
    Profile (top): Locations of shell-side nozzles as if shell were rolled out flat. Appears to correctly depict stightly oval shape.
    Profile (bottom): Profile of two large shell-side nozzle necks as if rolled out flat. Will produce saddle shape for welding to shell.
    Outlet:Orientation of large shell-side nozzles using the same numbering as on the "Profile" drawing.
    Tube Nest (left side): Never seen anything like this. Possibly something to do with the tube-side baffles in the return heads.
    Fittings (bottom left): Flange to be welded to the large shell-side nozzle necks.
    Fittings (the rest): Probably tube-side baffle pieces. This exchanger appears to have 10 tube-side passes.
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    There is a company that manufacture diesel engine charge air coolers, you should try Vestas aircoil A/S in Denmark (www.vestas-aircoil.com)

    Maybe they can advise regarding the Shell and Tube desing.
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