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Homework Help: Heat system efficiency?

  1. Oct 14, 2004 #1


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    heat system efficiency??

    So lost..so what am i suppose to do??

    'An engine absorbs 400J of heat and does 120J of work in each cycle'

    a)what is its efficiency?
    b)how much heat is rejected in each cycle?
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    For a cycle, that is, when after a process, a system comes back to its original state, the difference of the net energy taken and work done by it is zero - first law of thermodynamics.

    [tex]Efficiency = \frac{work done}{energy taken}[/tex]

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    so...i just go 120/400 x 100?

    how do i calculate th heat rejected in the cycle?? the left over? 400-120??
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    thanks! can u help me with the others on another post?? please ><
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