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Heat transfer at high temperature

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    I wanted to ask, which type of heat transfer is generally most important for the transportation of heat especially at high temperatures? Does anybody know this? I am talking about temperatures T>1000 K
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    As the temperature difference increases, heat transfer by radiation (which goes as the fourth power of temperature) becomes significant and eventually dominates.
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    is this always true, because I need those information especially for metallic conductors?
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    No, it isn't always true. It depends on the particulars of the system being analyzed.
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    Okay,so maybe I should describe my problem more precisely. I have a conductor and I know his dimensions and his resistivity. Now I should derive a formula from this data, which enables me to calculate his resistivity depending on temperature, but I should only use the most important type of heat transport for temperatures over 1000 K referring to the formula. So I do not even know the material of the conductor. Does someone have an idea?
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    it depends upon the geometry and the properties of the surfaces involved.. each case is tied to the control volume and boudnary conditions.... there is really no way anyone can give advice to you unless you could me more specific about the exact problem you pose.
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