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Heating using convection

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    I have a heating element. This heating element is placed on a wall. If I want the heat to be supplied horizontally would a relflector blocking the top of the heating element work?

    to prove this are these two statements below correct??
    1. Heat rises so by blocking the top of the heating element more heat would be forced to go horizontal.
    2. The reflector on the top of the heating element would absorb the heat where it does not serve a purpose to make the heat flow horizontal???

    So is it #1 where the reflector would do the job and direct the heat horizontally or is it #2 when it just absorbs the heat meaning the relfector is not even needed?
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    Considering only convection, I doubt it would do much. Sure it'd force some hot air horizontally around the reflector, but then it'll start rising again before getting far.

    You call it a reflector, so if it's reflective you might want to orient it to reflect the radiant heat towards the target and forget about convection, which you'll pretty much need a fan or a duct to get going anywhere.
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    By testing this showed above the reflector was cooler in temperature. The hottest part was the top part of the element where the edge of the reflector was. This is probably due to the heat rising and stopping + the heat in the rear moving horizontal.
    X-Sectional view would be all the heat moving horizontally and up but stoping at the plate but then moving all that heat up where the plate ends.

    ----------Plate--------------edge up
    Wall ----->heat------->---------up
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