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Hello everyone, I have a question to ask about becoming a physicist

  1. Oct 13, 2014 #1
    I am currently a grade 10th student stuying in Germany. I was never interested in science subjects such as Math, Physics or Chemistry, until I heard about Einstein's theories and the book " A brief history of time" by Stephen Hawking. Now I have a totally different view about those subjects I used to hate in school, I feel like I have entered the mathematical world, I see things in a way that I have never recognized them before. I have now a dream to become a physicist, but I am already in grade 10th, and I didn't focus on those subjects as I was younger. Does anybody have the same situation as me? And is it too late for me to start all over again?
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    No, it's not too late. The first time I saw physics was my first year of undergraduate university.
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    Nope, I did not studying physics and math until I was 19, now i'm going to be doing a PhD in plasma physics. Just realize that Stephen Hawking's books are "popular science" which is meant to be more of an outreach to the general public. They are NOT real science or physics, but more of a summary of major results in a way that the general population can understand.

    If you want to go into math and physics you need to study algebra, trigonometry, pre-calculus, calculus, etc. And take physics for your science courses.
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    I'm 30 and only recently started my path to a bachelors degree, so I'd say no, it's not too late. ;)
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    I know people who have taken foundation years or gone back to school halfway through another degree (so in their early twenties, at the very least) and are doing really well in physics. OP, if I got the German grade system right, you're what? 15 or 16? It's definitely not too late for you to become a physicist!

    (I actually chose later than you did...I made my decision the summer before I was due to apply to university)
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